Aliquot Law
Corporate Counsel Services

Key areas of support to in-house counsel across Canada include services in: 
General Overflow of Day-to-Day In-House Legal Work
Contract Compliance
Corporate Secretarial Services

The focus for the above services is restricted to a limited pool of clientele to ensure that effective and efficient services are provided. 


General Support for In-House Counsel - At the outset, a strong knowledge and understanding of the business operations of clients, their risk appetite from a business and a legal perspective, as well as preferred documentation templates and standard form contracts are established.  In addition, working to understand the ebb and flow of needs to ensure that legal service support provided will be both timely and efficient, is key.  All these steps are critical in ensuring the delivery of value added legal services in an expedient manner.

Further, by establishing a thorough understanding of acceptable business practices and paying heed to contractual and risk management, the firm is able to provide in-depth services that blend seamlessly with in-house expertise. Whether it be review, drafting or negotiations of commercial, transactional or service contracts or Request-for-Proposals, as the case may be. 

Utilizing these skills to support in-house counsel represents a cost effective and highly manageable cost for clients. 

Contract Compliance - Common plaguing concerns for most in-house counsels are the post-compliance issues that can arise from contractual relationships.  To address such needs the firm assists by providing post contract completion monitoring services. These include the review of contracts from a compliance perspective to ensure that key action items are highlighted for follow up, thus further mitigating the implementation risk on the transaction in question. 

The contract compliance service offered by the firm also includes monitoring and generating compliance reports from a legal perspective on contractual obligations that may survive the completion of the transaction while taking into consideration applicable limitation of actions provisions.

Corporate Secretarial Services - As corporate secretarial counsel clients needs are met by attending to general corporate filings, notices and minutes of meetings.  The smooth operations of corporate meetings require planning and attention to detail to ensure logical chronology of matters and adequate timing for the tender of matters at meetings.  The firm takes care of the legal and administrative logistics of all of these, including but not limited to, the drafting and distribution of notices and minutes.  

Dependable, Predictable Value

All of the above services are supported by a competent, full time staff that is well-versed and familiar with the businesses the firm works with. In instances where it is necessary, we also harness additional experienced in-house legal counsel on a case-to-case basis to meet workload requirements. 

The relationships fostered with our clients gives them the stability and security of dealing with the same person at all times. At the same time, it allows them the ability to call for as much or as little as they require.

Flexibility of our services are key.  External counsel cost management is essential and the answer to that need is provision of billing packages crafted to deliver competent service at highly competitive rates.